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tv   QA  CSPAN  September 13, 2015 8:58pm-9:01pm EDT

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teege, here are some other programs you might like. i talking about his work "hitlerland." .ntony beevor applebaum talking about her book. you can watch the entire library at announcer: tomorrow, nasa work,auts discuss their cooperation with other countries, and whether a mission to mars as possible. scott kelly will speak from the international space station. live coverage begins at 9:00 on c-span2. announcer: a signature feature
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of book tv is our coverage of book fairs and festivals from across the country. here is our schedule. you're the act of september, we are in new york for the program book festival. october, the southern festival of books in nashville. after that, we are live from austin for the texas book festival. at the end of the month, to festivals. the wisconsin book festival in madison. on the east coast, the boston book festival. at the start of november, we will be in portland, oregon, followed by the national book awards from new york city. fromvember, we are live florida for the miami book fair international. that is if of the fairs and festivals this fall on book tv. next, david cameron
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takes questions of the house of commons. then, c-span interviews george pataki and rick santorum. david cameron answered questions from members in his first question time since the august break. he talks about the syrian refugee crisis, northern ireland, and combating isis. several members pay tribute to queen elizabeth ii. >> order. questions to the prime minister. >> this morning, i had meetings in addition to my dues


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